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Reclaim your Inner Dominatrix power

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Reclaim your power

In an age of constant change, being a Creatress of your own reality is more prevalent now than ever. With over 17 years in consultancy, I have helped highly-driven women thrive amid all the changes, through the reclamation of their feminine power. Work with me to learn how to create your own reality and own your powerful presence.

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Get Turned On

By having commanding presence and unwavering confidence

Become a Femme Leader

Activate your bold and courageous self to step in fully as a leader

Activate Your Power

By learning how to be in control and taking charge of your deepest desires

About the Program

6 Month Program + 1 bonus month

For the self-led woman who wants to step into her power, she just needs the steps to do so

7 Chapters of Journal prompts

Covering areas like money, health, lifestyle and more which will help uncover your Inner Domme

6 Group Coaching Calls

To cover anything coming up for you along the journey all led by Domina. With lifetime access to the recordings

What My Clients are Saying


"She unblocked mindset blocks and because of it, I am, thriving! Thank you Domina for everything. My life is changed forever with you in it!"


"Working with Domina is a gift. She has a soothing & calming energy that's a pleasure to work with. Her ability to ask the right questions gave me clarity and confidence, while supporting me all along."


"I've seen numerous mental wellness professionals over the last 7 years and none of them reached the core of my issue. All it takes is one person and Domina was that individual for me."


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1:1 Domme Hour Call

After the program, you'll receive 1 personalized support call with Domina to discuss anything you desire to go deeper into, for a full hour of potency

Exclusive societie

A private space to share with other women on the same journey and help one another, and celebrate each other

30-Day Activation planner

Bring more pleasure into your life to continuously recharge your Inner Domme power


Sigma Domme


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